Granada Photo Gallery
This is Granada:
Open your eyes!



These pictures are a portrait of Granada at its best. I have spent many years of my life indulging myself in the pleasure of wandering, camera in hand, around this incredible city whose charm, or “embrujo” as we call it here, is certainly second to none. Because of this, now you are probably thinking this is just another photo gallery among the thousands there are in Internet and I wouldn't blame you for doing so. But, let me tell you something: It is not! I would say it is more of a love story: My Own! I have written every image here with my very own eyes and lit each pixel with every “click” of my heart over the years. Yes! This indeed is Granada, the Granada I am in love with. Open your eyes and you will love it too... Enjoy!

All photos are property of Víctor Ovies and any use of them, commercial or not, is prohibited without prior authorization from the author.

Easter week processions wind slowly around the streets, with lifelike statues of Christ and the Virgin Mary in mourning. Among them stands out The Christ Of The Gispsies, on Easter Wednesday, an impressive mixture of religion and popular traditions setting the slopes of the Sacromonte on fire. Literally!

Easter in Granada

Declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1984, the Albayzin retains the architecture, old winding streets and flavour of its Medieval Moorish past. Less than a five-minute walk from San Nicolas is the “gitano” quarter of Sacromonte where Spanish Gypsies have their homes in caves.

Albaicín and Sacromonte

Modern 21st century buildings alongside old churches built upon even older mosques, and the old souk next to Granada’s imposing Renaissance cathedral and the gothic Royal Chapel. Granada's first high school is a few meters away from busy Gran Via de Colón. And here and there quiet squares everywhere and the relaxing sound of the ubiquitous water from the countless fountains.

Centre and Realejo

The pictures in this gallery were taken in January 2003 and January 2010 when Granada got white for just a few hours. Snow falls in Granada are scarce and the snow very seldom settles. Therefore these are some quite unique pictures of Granada's snowed streets and gardens.

Granada in White: Snowed Granada

Pictures from flamenco performances in some of Granada's most well-known venues. From la Chumbera to the zambras (caves) in Sacromonte, tablao Albaizin in San Cristobal, los veranos flamencos del Corral del Carbón and flamenco summer festivals in the villages of the province as well as many one-night-only shows in the Alhambra and Generalife.

Flamenco in Granada

With heights of over 3,000 m, Sierra Nevada massif is the highest in Western Europe, after the Alps. The villages in the Alpujarras, on the southern flanks of the Sierra Nevada, have retained their Berber architecture. Granada's Costa Tropical boast a subtropical climate with mild winters. Montefrío, Loja or Alhama are dramatically sited, showing their defensive past in their fortifications with amazing views of the olive groves.

Countryside: The Mountains and the Coast

Las Cruces de Mayo, la Feria del Corpus, la Toma, San Ceciclio, el Día de la Virgen... There are many an occasion during the year for "granadinos" to celebrate and enjoy what we like the most: eating, drinking, singing, dancing and, above all, meeting our loved ones and have fun together.

Festivals: Granada de Fiesta

El Parque de las Ciencias is the most visited and the most fun museum in Granada. The Foundation Rodriguez-Acosta is a private cultural organization founded in 1941 after the death of the painter Jose Maria Rodriguez-Acosta. Granada has many art galleries and temporary exhibitions are held all over the year in different venues.

Art and Culture

What makes a place unique isn't its monuments but its people. With lots of sunny days and mild winters, about 80.000 students and more than 3 million tourists a year, no wonder its squares and avenues are always packed, its shopping streets crowded, and its more than two thousand tapas bars filled to the brim. The pictures in this gallery are very special to me. All my love, gratitude and respect go to the people here portrayed.

People: Urban Landscape

Granada is a city filled with history, living with the hubbub and bustle of her squares, her streets, her gardens. A city that entices you to discover the secrets it keeps, a seductive temptation for any traveller. Here you are! This is my homage to this stunning city in a very selected handful of pictures, hopefully as beautiful as the city itself is and deserves them to be. I hope you enjoy watching them as much as I enjoyed taking them.

This is Granada: Open Your Eyes!