Your goals are my goals.


My Goal

As a private tutor, I am here to help you achieve your goals, whatever they are. My lessons will always be personalized, taking into account your needs and available time. Always aware of your weaknesses and strengths, we will delve into the topics that interest you the most and deal with grammar or pronunciation that require more attention from you. Here below you I have listed a few of the most common goals for students of Spanish, but remember you are unique and your goals are also unique, and my mission is to understand them well and to get you there.


Beginners: Welcome newbies! Let's start with the basics. Pronunciation, greetings, essential verbs, asking for directions to move around the city, etc. We will lay a good foundation to work on in the future so that you can take your Spanish to the highest level.

Conversation: These lessons are ideal for those who have little or no contact with Spanish in their day-to-day life. If you are studying Spanish at school in your home country, or have already studied the language and would like to keep it alive, conversation classes is what you need. Conversation classes are the perfect match for online classes and they are the most requested. Without any doubt, they are ideal for students who cannot travel to a Spanish-speaking country.

Four Skills: Listening, speaking, reading and writing: The four basic skills you need to develop when you learn any language. These classes require commitment and willpower and are meant for hard working students, eager to dedicate a lot of time every day.

DELE Certificate: Classes designed to get to know the structure of the exams as well as to develop the skills to pass them. You will learn everything about the exam: its schedule, its parts and the duration of each one and practice with real tests and sample examinations.

Practical Spanish: Designed for intermediate to advanced level students who want to delve into real street language, grasp double entendres in jokes and deal with formality, slang and structures native speakers use frequently but foreign students have difficulty with.

Outdoor learning:

Out of the classroom activities are not just fun but enriching and a more vivid way of learning a language as well. For those who recently moved to Granada or are visiting the city, cultural walks can provide a huge amount of new vocabulary as well as a different approach to the city's life and history.

Learning outdoors creates lasting memories and taking the Spanish class outside opens a wide range of possibilities for activities that are not just entertaining but incredibly efficient because they take place in the real world. You can combine outdoor classes with your usual indoor ones. To take full advantage of this type of learning, an intermediate or higher level of Spanish is required.