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Although I reckon nothing compares to the enriching experience of a class in the classroom and the real interaction between teacher and student. Online learning is on the rise and it is easy to see why. It requires less of a time investment. Students can fit them around their existing responsibilities and commitments and engage with learning at whatever time is most convenient to them. Online courses are also easily accessible on smaller budgets as students do not have to travel anywhere to study. For those students who still prefer in person classes, online lessons are also a good way of keeping learning in an emergency: An unexpected trip, an illness, an accident, children who need to be looked after etc. In addition, mind you, it seems that online learning is also good for the environment. Apparently, it requires 90% less energy and 85% fewer CO2 emissions per student than traditional in person courses. If you are environmentally conscious, you might like to know that. Anyway, the global threat of covid-19 has done nothing but accelerate a change that was already underway. More and more many of us were already working, shopping, watching films and studying not just from home but, actually, from wherever place we were. It was meant to happen, it only happened faster than we all expected and chances are that all those “new” habits will soon become commonplace. So here we are. Adapting ourselves to the new world. Whatever your reasons, if you are interested in having Spanish lessons I am very flexible regarding days and hours and will always try to adapt to your needs online. For my online classes I use the already popular Zoom app. It is my web conferencing tool of choice. It provides important functionalities for the classes such as the ability to connect synchronously with students over video, audio, screen sharing, poll, and text chat and the ability to use written annotations on a whiteboard or directly onto documents on your screen when sharing.

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